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16th-Sep-2010 11:23 pm - Yes, I do exist. Here is a book-meme.
Originally this was meant to be an icon journal. But as soon as I started going to college everything was put on hold, so I've basically been lurking/commenting for the past 2 years. I've decided to change that now, as I've been meeting very interesting people in communities and would like to be a more active lj friend. Here's a book meme to start off, but I look forward to posting and interacting with lj friends a lot more!

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21st-Mar-2008 09:04 pm(no subject)
wow...haven't given you guys any icons in awhile! well, at this point I'm considering making a freewebs and putting everything up there just because I probably won't get to making more icons until the summer. Plus the icons could then be organized into categories. So I will certainly update you guys when I get that together.

namarie :)
8th-Jul-2006 06:10 pm - more....
haven't posted any recently, so here you go!
I just saw POTC 2 and I'm totally obsessed, so I'll try to make some icons of the movie soon...

but for now, it's the LotR cast!
plus a few LotR Group/Couple icons

[2]Orlando Bloom
[2]Liv Tyler
[1]Billy and Dom
[1]Dominic Monaghan
[1]Karl Urban
[1]Elijah Wood
[7]LotR Groups/Couples

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26th-Jun-2006 08:34 pm - No one's here yet but...
More Icons!! I have like 60+ icons so get ready for 'em!

[5]Jaci Velasquez
[6]Miranda Otto
[2]Cate Blanchett
[2]Sean Bean

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25th-Jun-2006 11:29 pm - Guess What!
This is officially an icon journal. But friends can still leave comments... ;)
I'll be periodically posting up my icons. i've made a lot of them in the past year or two, and I'm putting even my earliest icons here, so some of them might not be so good. But I hope you enjoy!

Here's what I got today:
[4]Relient K
[6]Lord of the Rings
[3]Cate Blanchett

and plenty more to come...

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16th-Jun-2006 09:19 pm - hmmm....
so I'm using this for the first time. not sure what to do with it, I usually just browse communities and such. I might make this an icon journal. eventually.

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